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Ramus is a system for authoring (and reading) self-contained non-linear documents, a.k.a. hypertext. Though not exactly a game, it can be used to make one, as well as learning tools and interactive literature.


Listed Roger Kenyon's You I Give the Helm on 2013-04-24.

Conrad Cook's Unicorn Story is hosted here as of 2012-03-20.

On 2012-03-17, I got around to finishing my port of Starborn to Ramus.

The 2012-01-22 release includes an example of how to link to several fragments at once, and a new F.A.Q.

As of 2011-07-06, the full version features smooth scrolling. I also fixed a bug whereas the starting fragment was not being parsed for templates when initially displayed.


Ramus makes use of two excellent libraries:

Smooth scrolling code based on this ITnewb tutorial.