About Ramus 2

Ramus 2 is an interactive fiction authoring system that takes its input from Org Mode files such as those created by Orgzly for Android. Now you can make CYOA with the same tool that handles your agenda, to-do list or the outline of your next novel. Not only that, but you can do it on the go, even when the Internet is down!

At its simplest, Ramus 2 consists of an interpreter that takes an ordinary .org file and treats it as a text adventure. The results may be nonsensical if you try it with a project planning file, for instance, but it will work all the same. The format itself is text-based and human-readable: you can write stories with any programmer's editor if for some reason you can't or won't use the aforementioned apps. All you lose is some convenience.

Future releases will allow for bundling Ramus 2 adventures with an interpreter to make a stand-alone web page or Python script.

Tips for Org Mode users

See the example adventure cloak.org for basic structure (pending a proper tutorial).

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